Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Orange Madeleines

(That's my mum's fine china tea set I got out veeeeery carefully from her cabinet)

It all started when I was watching Food Network, I don't have the foggiest on whose cooking programme it showed the madeleines. I just knew I really wanted some...
Fast forward one week later, my sister-in-law bakes a batch of madeleines that smell absolutely divine! [breathe in deeply, trying to smell fresh madeleines, and breathe out]
And that's not it, I go shopping a few days later and I spot a 12-hole madeleine mould. Was it a sign?? All these things were a huuuge coincidence and I knew I couldn't leave the mould behind, poor thing could've been waiting for me all this time... So I bought it and cleared my conscience :-)

I began traipsing through my cookbooks and the internet looking for an ideal madeleine recipe. I love reading blogs and comments, they help me so much - before i start I know the tips and tricks to help me on that recipe. I finally chose David Lebovitz's Lemon Glazed Madeleine recipe but altered the lemon for orange and passed on the glaze. I prefer mine with a good dusting of icing.

You can find the recipe I used here.

They were so pretty and yes, they did have humps!!! Next time I will add poppy seeds to go with the lemon or orange - mmmmm..... I love my new mould and want to try out new combinations. Have you guys got any suggestions I could try out, would love to hear them!!

Steering away from madeleines now but certainly not away from food - I just want to mention this lovely Italian-themed market I went to a few weeks ago. We kinda stumbled upon it while we went to do some shopping and if I had known then I definately would've gotten there earlier. Nonetheless, the baked goods they had there looked amazing, from biscottis to cannolis, mini choc-nut tarts and loadsa pastries. As you can imagine, I LOVED IT!!!

I particularly loved the cannolis, the cappuccino filling and one with mint and also the cups pictured above. Don't really know the proper name for these tarts but they were really scrummy! The cannolis looked just like the ones Buddy made on his programme 'Cake Boss'!

Ciao! xx


  1. Great looking orange madelines! That Italian market looks like heaven. Oh, to be surrounded by Cannoli ...

  2. I've always wanted to make madelines but don't have a madeline tray. Looked at one the other day and thought it was very expensive but now I wish I had it! I also wish I lived in a more cosmopolitan area to have such wonderful markets. We want Italian sweets - we make them ourselves. Good but better to go the a market and find a great variety like you showed! YUM!

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog! You also have a great blog! I love reading food blogs and spend and awful amount of time going through them getting ideas and recipes! I know I get lots of recipe from your blog! Thanks! I love cooking, don't you?

  4. @ Emma - Thank you! I just buzzed about cannolis on foodbuzz before seeing your comment! See, thats how much I think about cannolis, lol!

    @ Marcellina - Thank you for your lovely comments. Madeleine moulds are quite steep, but it sure is worth it! I've got my eye on a boat-shaped financier/friand mould but it's quite expensive. I may have to opt for it's cheaper silicone sibling!
    I wish those types of markets were more frequent. It's the first time I had actually gone to an Italian one and I LOVED it! I am the same about blogs, don't realise how much time spend on them! xx

  5. I'm your newest happy follower. http://moogieland.blogspot.com/

  6. Thank u so much, will definately be checking out ur blog x