{ My To-Bake List }

My Baking Accomplishments!!

There is a heap of recipes that I still want to try and have bookmarked for a VERY long time. There are some that I have made before but I would like to try again because it didn't turn out how I wanted the first time round - and therefore is not an accomplishment! :-)
I've decided to bring my To-Bake list online and hope to accomplish it with you all on-board!

I don't know how long this list will be but I plan to add things as I go along and to tick them off once completed.

  1. New York Crumb Cake
  2. Brioche (Yeasted Coffee Cake) completed
  3. Peach Cobbler
  4. Vanilla Custard Slice
  5. Matcha Cake
  6. Cheesecake Bars completed
  7. Cake Pops
  8. Sandwich Cookies completed
  9. Chocolate Souffle
  10. Macarons (in all combinations)
  11. Almond Butter Cookies
  12. Lime and Coconut Loaf
  13. Coconut Cupcakes
  14. Cappucino Squares
  15. Rainbow Cupcakes  completed
  16. Chocolate Zuchini Cake with Maple cream cheese frosting
  17. Moist Ginger Cake
  18. Earl Grey Cupcakes
  19. Chocolate-Strawberry Dobos Torte
  20. Creme Brulee Tart
  21. Maple and Pecan Danish
And this is just of the top of my head! I'm sure I'll think of more next time I sit down on the computer!