Friday, 13 August 2010

Laptop trouble

So I've just got back from my parents after a hectic two weeks full of sunshine, family, baking, birthdays and pure fun! I managed to fill up a whole memory card full of pics, thanks to my lovely niece J and her creative photography! Its been so busy over there that i hardly had chance to go online, let alone tell u guys whether i'm alive (yeah, i am sorry about that!). I've come back to do some major blogging only to find that my lovely dell wont boot up! I just cant believe it! So so sad, i've rang up dell and they should send someone out soon... But question is, how do i live without my laptop for even one whole day??! I'm sure u guys know how i'm feeling. Feel so lonely without my laptop :-(
So I am sorry folks but do stay tuned. I'll be keeping in touch with my iphone, yay! So i guess all is not lost. XxX

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