Tuesday, 21 June 2011

While I was gone…..


I have no excuses for not blogging other than life took over… Do forgive me, I didn’t mean to leave you in the lurch [hangs head down and gives puppy eyes]…

It started with me needing to give all my attention to finishing a college course, which I handed in last month, Yay! But then it seemed like I was juggling 101 things at the same time. Mr WWW got a new job which is quite a distance away and therefore means I am on school/nursery runs all the time. And then the cooling fan on my oven went haywire! It just does not switch off, at all!! So we had to manually unplug it at the back of the cooker. That had me depressed for a while as I couldn’t bake [saddens at the memory] but the mastermind that I am, I have found that if I get my daughter’s stepping stool up to the front of the cooker and tilt the cooker forward, I can just about reach the plug and socket! So I’ve now started to plug it in when I need to bake and unplug it half hour after baking…. Will need to do for now!


A couple of months ago I purchased a giant cupcake tin, they look sooo good I just couldn't resist! And I had my first chance to use it for a birthday order. I had loads of fun and was very happy with the end result of a shabby chic style cake!


It was such a hit on Facebook (find me and “like” me on www.facebook.com/whiskwhiskwhisk ) that it was shortly followed by another order of a giant cupcake and 50 matching cupcakes for a wedding mendhi party!!


The theme was green, red and gold. The bride was very pleased with the results! P4151841

Very glitzy, sparkly and hopefully captured the Indian influences.


I even found a designer piece of chiffon material that happened to match the cake quite well….!


I hope you have now forgiven me and we can start again, what you say??? I shall be taking part in this month’s Daring Baker’s Challenge and I sure have missed my fellow Daring Bakers! Cant wait to start rocking and rolling baby!!


  1. Oh my, what a talent you have! I love your blog too.

  2. i love ur baking n ur blog both are amazing!!!

  3. Oh I do miss your posts, and was very pleased to see you there at TP&A! Thanks for your always kind comment :o)
    These giant cupcakes are adorable! The one with the butterflies is my favorite! Very very beautiful!

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