Monday, 12 December 2011

New website

Dear All,
So here I am again after a disappearing act! Go on, yell at me, you know you want to! I have missed you all immensely, and just so you know - there's no one else in this relationship, ok? I only have eyes for you :-*

I've just been really busy with spurts of procrastination! I just cant help it, do you guys ever feel like that? There's like 101 things on your to-do list but you just cant get on with it. It's like there's an invisible force around you wanting you to sit and take it easy. It's so frustrating.

And as for the busy stuff, I've been making cakes!! Thats the highlight of my weeks! I get such a sense of achievement from baking that cake to putting the final touches on it. Boy, it's stressful but oh so satisfying once the cake is delivered. I love it!

I have done baking but nothing really new and sadly nothing from my bake list but all that to change in 2012.... I can feel it in my bones, I will be back with a truckload of recipes for you! Ok, maybe more like a mini cooper full of recipes ;-)

So I've been updating my facebook with the pics and now have copied them to a brand spanking new website which I hope you all will check out for me and comment with any suggestions you may have.

I'm gonna love you and leave you now. I promise to update soon with a great tried and tested recipe for you all to try!

So everyone coming along well with Christmas baking??

Much love xxx

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  1. Welcome back! Can't wait to see the new delicious recipes for 2012!